Rossica Journal

The Rossica Society publishes two journals per year, the first in the Spring and the next in the Fall. The journal consists of scholarly articles focused on all aspects of Russian philately that may include information on the pre-stamp days of Russia, Imperial postage, prison mail, World War correspondence, or the postage of post-Soviet states. The fascinating and sometimes incredibly confusing history of Russia, the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet states make our hobby a most interesting one!

Previous Editions of the Rossica Journal issues 44 – 181, are available for purchase. Remaining printed issues can be purchased for $15.00 + postage (Members) and $18.00 + postage (Non-members) while supplies last. We also provide single issues as a download for a reduced price of $5.00 (Members) or $8.00 (Non-members). Please contact the Rossica Society Treasurer if you are interested in purchasing paper or electonic copies of single back issues.

The Rossica Society is pleased to offer Rossica Journals 1 – 43, in Russian, as PDF files. Issues 44 – 179 are also available, as PDF files. Please see the Bookshop for more details.

The Rossica Journal editor is Steve Volis.



  • President’s Report – Raymond J. Pietruszka
  • From the Editor – William Velvel Moskoff
  • Rossica Library News – Dr. Gregory Mirsky
  • Russian-Language Synopsis – Alexander Kolchinsky
  • A Conversation with Rossica’s Historian, David M. Skipton – Nikolai Sorokin
  • The Odessa Quarantine Harbor – Semyon Brayman and Vladimir Tyukov
  • Early Mail from Nikolaevsk on the Amur – Howard L. Weinert
  • The Zemstvo Post of Usman District of Tambov Province – Dr. Dimitry Nikitin
  • Letters from the Levant: Philatelically Inspired, or Fakes? – Vitaliy Katsman
  • Regulations on Issuing Registered and Insured Correspondence to Illiterate Recipients -Lev Ratner
  • PCh = Au – Howard Weinert
  • Constant Plate Varieties of the 14-Kopek Stamp – John Iakovino
  • Mail from the Interrupted Campaign (1903-1904) – Vladimir Berdichevsky and Semyon Brayman
  • Postcards Depicting Russian Imperial Banknotes – Mark Cooper
  • A Look at Georgy Narbut’s Graphics and Postal Art – Andrey Dyachenko
  • The Russian Post’s Struggle with the Reuse of Stamps – Meer Kossoy
  • 1919 Russian Provisional Stamps from Gdov- Dr. Vitaly Geyfman
  • Foreign Forgeries and Cyrillic Script – Igor F. Myaskovsky
  • More About Items of Mail With Notable Dates – Alexander Epstein
  • A Soldier’s Letter from North Russia- May 18, 1919 – Raymond J. Pietruszka
  • The “Generals Series:” Digging Deeper – Steve Volis and Emil Allakhverdov
  • Finding Rossica Among Liechtenstein’s Stamps – Nikolai Sorokin
  • Hotels in Moscow and Leningrad from the 1920s to the Early 1950s – Alexander Kolchinsky
  • Resettlement of Germans from the USSR to Germany. 1939-1941 – Vitaliy Malov
  • A Lithuanian Gamble: Evading Soviet Mail Surveillance in the LSSR- David M. Skipton and Steve Volis
  • Russian Anti-German Propaganda Postcards in World War I – William Velvel Moskoff and Carol Gayle
  • The USS Brooklyn in Vladivostok 1917 – Howard L. Weinert
  • More About a Postcard with an Original lndicium – Carri Izraitel
  • Sheet and Pane Placement of the Horizontal Dash Above the Upper Left Frame of the 100 Ruble 1923 Definitive Stamp – John Iacovino
  • About Catalogs and Cataloging – Vitaliy Katsman
  • Obituaries: – G. Adolph Ackerman, Edward Klempka, George V. Shalimoff, and Yuri A. Sandulov