Via the Red Skies – The Russian Air Network 1922 – 1941

Via the Red Skies – The Russian Air Network 1922 – 1941


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By Dr. G. Adolph Ackerman

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Via the Red Skies is designed to provide a comprehensive study of the development of the Soviet civil air network and air mail service from its beginning in 1922 to World War II. Flown covers will illustrate routes and stages in the air network expansion from a regional standpoint with accompanying maps of the operative air routes. International air mail covers passing through Moscow (or Leningrad) to western Europe are the most common items found in the hands of collectors in the western world. While an attempt has been made to provide balance, the scarcity of postal material available from regions of the country east of the Ural Mountains, e.g., Siberia, the Far East, Central Asia and Far North, will be apparent. Postal rates, air cachets and etiquettes are discussed and illustrated but assume a secondary position in this historic philatelic presentation.


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