The Russian Post in the Empire, Turkey, China and the Post in The Kingdom of Poland

The Russian Post in the Empire, Turkey, China and the Post in The Kingdom of Poland


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By S.V. Prigara, translated by David M. Skipton

Sergej Vasil’evich Prigara’s masterwork on Imperial Russian period philately is undoubtedly the greatest compilation of such information contained in one book, but for many years much of the knowledge it held remained largely unavailable to non-Russian-speaking collectors until this translation provided a better understanding and grasp of the depth and richness of the Russian field. Since the handbook’s publication, much information which was unavailable or unknown to Mr. Prigara has come to light. As a result, there are a few errors and omissions in the original that have been retained – it must be kept in mind that this is a translation and not an update or rewrite. In some instances, clarifications have been made and a few holes plugged, but the translation has adhered as closely to the original as possible. The reader is invited to refer to the “bibliography” in the back for more recent information; some of them are definitive and almost all acknowledge some debt to Mr. Prigara’s monumental work. There are over 350 pages of text and illustrations presented in this work.

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