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      Rossica members, heads up! Dr. Raymond Casey, a stalwart of the British Society of Russian Philately and an honorary Rossica member, has consigned his collection of Russian Offices in China, Mongolia and Sinkiang to David Feldman for sale this year. Attached is the letter announcing the sale and the contact information for our members desiring a free auction catalog. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and bid for some of the great gems of Russian philately.

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      Here is the text for the announcement and the flyer is attached:

      The Russian Post in the Chinese Empire formed by Dr. Raymond Casey
      China Proper * Mongolia * Sinkiang
      Geneva – Friday, April 20, 2012 at 10h00 CET

      Dear Member,

      David Feldman is proud to announce the sale of the collection of The Russian Post in the
      Chinese Empire formed by Dr. Raymond Casey, probably the most comprehensive and
      extensive collection of this speciality ever formed. Beginning over 60 years ago with an ever
      more attentive focus on specialisation and “rarity hunting” Dr. Casey, in his 95th year is as
      astute and detailed as someone in his most active years.

      The offer for sale by David Feldman of the famous Tolman collection in the 1970’s, which
      included extensive Russian Offices in Mongolia including all the great rarities, brought Dr. Casey
      in close contact with our company and cemented a relationship that has strengthened and
      endured to this day. Dr. Casey’s already mature collection for just the Mongolia region stood as
      a fine model at that time for his competitors like Meiso Mizuhara and Sven Beckemen, then
      forming the bases of their own collections.

      Even though Dr. Casey has written and published extensive information on the subject, there is
      still much unpublished; more information can be obtained from our presentation of the
      collection to which we have so far dedicated two volumes in our Great Philatelic Collections
      series (see http://www.davidfeldman.com), and also from our two specialised auction catalogues for
      the spring and winter offerings this year.

      We would like to offer all members who are interested in participating in the sale a free
      auction catalogue, please contact our office at the address below to place your order.
      Catalogues can also be ordered for free directly from our online shop with the code

      We look forward to meeting those of you who are able to view the collection during the week of
      April 16th, and invite those unable to attend to consult our website to view the auction lots and
      register to participate in the auction.

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      David Jay

      Well, they seem to want 75 Euros for each of the first two parts of the catalogs. Any prospect for getting it for a reasonable price?

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      The catalogs are free to Rossica members. It’s the hardcover Parts I and II in the Great Philatelic Collections series that are 75 euros apiece. Trust me, that price is reasonable and they’re worth it.

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